Yoga class: Gratitude wake-up-the-body flow (short)

Duration: 10 min
Level: Beginners
Props: No
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This 10-minute yoga flow is perfect to do first thing in the morning, during the day if you need a break or maybe by the end of your day. I slowly guide you through poses that will immediately create new fresh energy for your mind, spine and your whole body!

We’ve created this video for you, to show you that you don’t need 30, 60 minutes or to go to a yoga studio, to be able to add yoga to your life and get the benefits. Even 10 minutes of yoga every day is good enough! Do what makes you happy and what feels good in your body, mind and soul. Start the practice by thinking about one thing that you can be grateful for right here and right now.

Sending you love, happiness and ease!


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